My American Girl Dolls



Name/nickname – Maggie

Full name – Maggie Jae Harms

Age – 13

Type of doll – American Girl Innerstar U #27

Day I got Maggie – March 11, 2015

Favorite color – Turquoise

Favorite food – Tacos

Favorite sport – Barrel racing

Favorite animal – Horses

Favorite movie/TV show – American Girl “Saige Paints the Sky”

Allergies – None

Pet – Abby

About me!

Hi, I’m Maggie!  I’m the first American Girl doll Kaitlyn has ever gotten and she though that I would be her first and only one.  Well, that didn’t happen!  I love crafting, baking and horse back riding.  In my free time I love playing outside with the pets and hanging out with my seven sisters!  Wow.  That’s a lot of siblings!  My first appearance on this blog was in the winter photo-shoot.




Name/nickname – Kit

Full name – Katherine Blair Kittredge

Age – 11

Type of doll – American Girl Kit Kittredge

Day I got Kit – December 23, 2015

Favorite color – Green

Favorite food – Strawberries

Favorite sport – Baseball

Favorite animal – Cat

Favorite movie/TV show – Kit Kittredge “An American Girl”

Allergies – Mold

Pet – Princess

About me!

Hello, I’m Kit Kittredge!  I’m the second doll that Kaitlyn got.  In my free time I love playing with my cat, Princess, cooking and baking, watching movies and I even enjoy cleaning the house.  I know, I’m weird!  I first appeared in the post, “My American Girl Dollhouse“.




Name/nickname – Gabby

Full name – Gabriella Lynn Walker

Age – 13

Type of doll – American Girl Truly Me #58

Day I got Gabby – June 29, 2016

Favorite color – Purple

Favorite food – Crepes

Favorite sport – Ballet

Favorite animal – Pandas

Favorite movie/TV show – Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight “An American Girl”

Allergies – None

Pet – Dakota

About me!

Hey!  My name is Gabby and I’m Kaitlyn’s third doll.  In my free time I love sewing, baking, reading fashion magazines and taking pictures.  I first appeared on this blog in the post, “Gabby – My New Doll“.  Well it’s kind of obvious!  Have a great day!




Name/nickname – Willa

Full name – Willa Elizabeth Robert

Age – 7

Type of doll – American Girl Wellie Wishers Willa

Day I got Willa – December 24, 2017

Favorite color – Yellow

Favorite food – Sandwiches

Favorite sport – Soccer

Favorite animal – Doesn’t have one

Favorite movie/TV show – Peppa Pig

Allergies – None

Pet – Clover

About me!

Hi, I’m Willa!  I was a Christmas gift Kaitlyn got from her parents in 2017.  I’m one of the youngest sister but I have a really big heart for animals!  In my free time, which is always, I love to play with Clover my pet bunny, have tea parties, watch Peppa Pig and play with Kit and Camille!  A fun fact about me is that I never leave anywhere without my pet bunny, Clover.  I first appeared on this blog in the post, “A Christmas To Remember“.




Name/nickname – Amber

Full name – Amber Rose Fleming

Age – 14

Type of doll – American Girl Create-Your-Own

Day I got Amber – January 3, 2018

Favorite color – Pink

Favorite food – Cheesecake

Favorite sport – Gymnastics

Favorite animal – Giraffes

Favorite movie/TV show – An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars

Allergies – None

Pet – Coconut

About me!

Hi, I’m Amber.  I’m the second oldest out of all the dolls and I’m the only “Create-Your-Own” doll that Kaitlyn has!  I love gymnastics, theater, dance and music.  In my free time I like to practice dance moves, read, write and do acting exercises.  I also love playing with my pampered pup, Coconut!  I first appeared on this blog in the post, “Unboxing My New Create-Your-Own American Girl Doll“.




Name/nickname – Caroline

Full name – Caroline Eloise Abbott

Age – 15

Type of doll – Custom American Girl Caroline Abbott

Day I got Caroline – July 8, 2018

Favorite color – Coral

Favorite food – Apple pie

Favorite sport – Swimming

Favorite animal – Ferrets

Favorite movie/TV show – An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong

Allergies – None

Pet – Harry

About me!

Hello, I’m Caroline!  Some of my hobbies are crafting, sewing, being artsy and just being outside.  I also enjoy going swimming and figure skating.  I’m the second TLC doll that Kaitlyn, or Mom, has ever gotten.  The first post I’ve ever been featured in is, “Looking Back On Summer & New Family Member“!  Talk to you soon!




Name/nickname – Camille

Full name – Camille Olivia Jackson

Age – 7

Type of doll – American Girl Wellie Wishers Camille

Day I got Camille – December 24, 2018

Favorite color – Light blue

Favorite food – Sandwiches

Favorite sport – Swimming

Favorite animal – Dolphins

Favorite movie/TV show – Toopy & Binoo

Allergies – None

Pet – None

About me!

Hi, my name is Camille!  Something you should know about me is that I love all things water related and marine animals!  I also believe in mermaids and fairies and I think I’m the only one in the family that believes in them too – but for the record they do exist.  One day when I get older I want to swim with dolphins and make friends with a real life mermaid.  The first post I was featured in is called, “Meet Camille – The Newest Member of The Family“.


I hope you liked learning more about my dolls!  I didn’t make this page to brag about them, if you think that’s why I made it.  I just wanted to show you guys all of the stars on this blog and I’m very grateful for all of them!






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    1. She has light skin, long red wavy hair (like what Saige had) and dark blue eye! She’ll also come with pierced ears and glasses! Aww!! Thank you so much Arabella, your dolls are really pretty too!

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