Caroline’s New & Original Wig

So, I got Caroline a new wig.  But this time it’s her original wig!  I’ve been looking all over the internet for Caroline’s original wig, brand new, for a very long time!  I soon gave up searching, and I bought her the brown wig that she’s been wearing after I rewigged her.  I honestly didn’t think the wig looked good on her, because she just wasn’t Caroline anymore!  Then another time, I was looking for a wig that looked like Caroline’s wig on Amazon, but the wig I found and bought made her skin look yellow and I sent it back.  But finally, I found Caroline’s original wig, new, on eBay for fourteen dollars!  I’m so glad that I now have Caroline’s original wig back. Continue reading “Caroline’s New & Original Wig”


Doll St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry & Leprechaun Trap – Craft

Hi guys!  Today I though it would be fun to post a holiday themed craft, and that would be St. Patrick’s Day!  Honestly, I don’t know much about this holiday except that you try to “catch” a leprechaun.  I always loved making traps when I was little, so why not make one for my dolls?  I’ll be making two crafts, an easy necklace, and a leprechaun trap. Continue reading “Doll St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry & Leprechaun Trap – Craft”

A Pretty Winter Walk – Photo-shoot

A Pretty Winter Walk

Hi, wonderful people!  So the theme for this post was going to be a little bit of little red riding hood.  But then I showed these pictures to my mom and she pointed out that Caroline didn’t even have a red hood, because I didn’t have one!  And the dog was suppose to be the cute little wolf.  So I just renamed the post to “A Pretty Winter Walk”.  Which sounds nice, but not as nice as “Little Red”.  But before I show you the pictures, I just want to give a little shout out to my little sister, Brooklyn, for letting me use her little Husky dog and the dress that Caroline is wearing! Continue reading “A Pretty Winter Walk – Photo-shoot”

My Opinion of GOTY 2019 & How I Relate to Her

*Photo credit – American Girl


Hi!  I know that this post is really late, because it’s already March and Blaire was already released on January first.  I know, I have really bad timing!  But I still really wanted to do this post because she’s the first GOTY (Girl Of The Year) that I can actually relate to!  Nicki Fleming is into horses and lives on a farm, but I wasn’t into AG yet.  So I’ve been waiting for a farm doll for about ten years now!


*Disclaimer:  All the information I got about Blaire Wilson is from American Girl’s website since I haven’t read the books yet.  And so for that, I only know as much as AG tells us on their website and reviews.  And all of this post is just my personal look on Blaire. Continue reading “My Opinion of GOTY 2019 & How I Relate to Her”