I’ve Made A Decision…


Okay.  I have made my decision!  I will be doing Camp Crafters! 😀  You are probable wondering all the details for how to do a week, and what you should all know and stuff.  Continue reading “I’ve Made A Decision…”



Hi!  AG Doll Craft Camp, is now closed!  Sorry about this year.  I was just was not prepared.  Next year it will be way better (and not as long).  I will also make a new logo (along with a new name)!  Also if you made some crafts from it, you can email them to me at krharms04@hotmail.com !  And I will post them soon (Three pictures at most, and add a caption)!   I can’t wait until next year! ❤ Continue reading “Closed”

New Poll!

Hi!  I have another poll!  But this one is about what you think about my AG Doll Craft Camp!  Please only enter what you think, and not what you think others want you to say!  Thanks!

Continue reading “New Poll!”