A Doll Christmas (A Photostory)

Hi, guys!¬† And merry late¬†Christmas!!!!!¬† So, I’ll be doing a photostory¬†of my dolls on Christmas.¬† I hope you will enjoy it!

P.S. Sorry if there are some writing mistakes, writing stories isn’t my favorite. ūüėČ



It was Christmas eve and the dolls were finishing up their¬†dinner.¬† “Kit are you almost done?” asked¬†Gabby.¬† “Yes.”¬†¬†“Okay good, because I’m dying to find out what I got!”¬† Continue reading “A Doll Christmas (A Photostory)”


Blogiversary And Giveaway!

Hi, everyone!!!¬† As you may know from the title, it was my blogiversary three days ago!!!¬† I have been on WordPress for that¬†long!¬† That’s crazy!¬†¬†I¬† also can’t believe I have 108 followers!!!¬† Thank you guys so much!!!¬† So to celebrate I will be having a giveaway!¬† Here’s the info that Kit will be telling you!


¬†¬†giveaway1 Continue reading “Blogiversary And Giveaway!”