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A Christmas To Remember ūüéĄ


“Hey, guys!¬† Come in here,” shouted Maggie. Continue reading “A Christmas To Remember ūü饔

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My Trip To Mall Of America With Maggie


Hey guys, Maggie here!¬† So in October, I believe, me and Kaitlyn went to Minneapolis!¬† Mom brought me along so that I could get my ears pierced! ūüėĬ† So we’d like to show you guys what damage we all made in Mall Of America!¬† Hehe!¬† Just kidding!¬†¬†Well, I hope you’ll enjoy this post! Continue reading “My Trip To Mall Of America With Maggie”

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What My American Girl Dollhouse Looks Like Decorated For Christmas!


Hey guys!¬† So, I was on my blog looking through my posts and I realized that I haven’t done any Christmas posts!!!¬† I’m SO sorry you guys!!!¬† I’ll try to make it up to you guys¬†by doing this post!¬† Also, if you have any ideas for Christmas crafts, I’d LOVE to hear them. ūüôā ‚̧¬† I have also updated my blog if you haven’t noticed!¬† When I get my new doll, I’ll also be updating my header image.¬† Anyways,¬†let’s get on with the post! Continue reading “What My American Girl Dollhouse Looks Like Decorated For Christmas!”