Help Me Pick Names For Roxie’s Puppies On Paws All In! 🐶

I guys!  Roxie our German Wirehair Pointer is pregnant!  She will be them in about two months.  So I need your help to name them.  Go over to my other blog, Paws All In , and help me chose names for the puppies!  You can find all the info their.  Here’s the link: Help Me Pick Names For Roxie’s Puppies! 🐶.  Thank you guys so much!  Bye! 😀

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Super Cute Photoshoot!

Hi, everyone!  Today our kittens just turned a week old!   So now that they are a bit bigger I took some pictures of them with my dolls!  I didn’t take a lot because they are still little and very loud.  I also took pictures of two kittens, but there are five of them all together.


This is my kitten Skittles!  Maggie was so happy that she got to hold them. Continue reading “Super Cute Photoshoot!”