Baby Animals

Guess What We Have?!?!?!

PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!  They are almost three weeks old!  Roxie (our dog) had four.  But one of them didn’t make it. 😦  But the rest are all super healthy, and super cute!

Here they are!!!!! XD XD XD


This is Molly!  She is my puppy!  She is also the only girl! ❤ Continue reading “Guess What We Have?!?!?!”

AG Dolls

How To Save Up For An American Girl Doll

Hello!  Some of you are probably wondering on how to save up for an AG doll.  Well……  I will have some tips and tricks for you on how to save up for one!  So let’s get started! 🙂

Make Saving Jars:

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Attack Of The Kittens!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!  Three days ago I took some pictures of our kittens!  Now they are eight weeks old!  They are all super cute.  But Auntie Nancy and Princess Laya had to leave us yesterday. 😦  All the kittens are boys except Skittles!  So here are the photos!!!!!

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Blog News


I can’t believe it!  I have 31 followers!  I’m sooooooooooooooooo happy!  I thought 13 followers was even a lot!  So thank you guys so much!  Today was a beautiful day outside so I took them outside to see the wonders God has made for us to enjoy!

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Kitten Photoshoot!

Hi, everyone!  Today I took some pictures of the kittens with my AG dolls again!  The first time I put pictures of the kittens on my blog, everyone wanted me to put more on when they got older!  Now they are three weeks old.  I hope you will love the pictures of them!


This is Muffin!

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Super Cute Photoshoot!

Hi, everyone!  Today our kittens just turned a week old!   So now that they are a bit bigger I took some pictures of them with my dolls!  I didn’t take a lot because they are still little and very loud.  I also took pictures of two kittens, but there are five of them all together.


This is my kitten Skittles!  Maggie was so happy that she got to hold them. Continue reading “Super Cute Photoshoot!”