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Gabby’s Adventures With Puzzle// Doll Adventures


Hi!  I’m going to be taking over this blog today *evil laugh*!  just kidding, I’m going to take over this post.  Mom took these pictures of me doing all this stuff with Puzzle a month or two ago, and now she is finally letting me use them!

So if you guys didn’t know, my family got a horse named Puzzle!  She is a American Paint and she is nine years old.  Today I’m going to be showing you guys what we do to get her ready to be ridden.  I hope you will enjoy this post!  Continue reading “Gabby’s Adventures With Puzzle// Doll Adventures”


Its The Most Wonderful Season Of All! ☃❄️


As said in the title it is the most wonderful season of all!  Christmas is just around the corner, so I’m going to do some winter crafts and some wintery 😛 posts.  So this will be my first one to kick of my winter posts.  Enjoy! ❄️ Continue reading “Its The Most Wonderful Season Of All! ☃❄️”

AG Crafts

Ice Cream Sandwich Craft


Hi, everyone!  It’s been SO long since I posted one of my crafts!  (And it’s also summer so I’ve been trying to not post too much!)  So anyways, todays craft will be how to make a doll ice cream sandwich!  Enjoy! Continue reading “Ice Cream Sandwich Craft”


Attack Of The Kittens!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!  Three days ago I took some pictures of our kittens!  Now they are eight weeks old!  They are all super cute.  But Auntie Nancy and Princess Laya had to leave us yesterday. 😦  All the kittens are boys except Skittles!  So here are the photos!!!!!

IMGP5610 Continue reading “Attack Of The Kittens!!!!!!!”