What Do You Think Of Camp Crafters? (Poll)

Hello!  I just made a poll to see what you guys think of Camp Crafters!  Okay that sounds kinda creepy how I put it…..  But I think you know what I mean!  So please use this poll, because I can’t improve if you don’t tell me what you think of it.  Thanks, and have a blesse day! ❤


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Behind The Scenes Look On My New Project….

Your probable wondering “What project”?  Well…  That’s what your for!  To tell me what you think I’m working on!  These are the pictures that I will show you, and you have to guess what I’m working on with my dolls.


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The Sunshine Blogger Award!!!!!


Hi, guys!!!!!  Sorry it has been SO long for me to post something….  I haven’t been feeling the best, I have also been busy with youth, school, and that sort of stuff.  So, on to the post, I have been nominated by Kiki (Kiki Through the Looking-Glass ) and Julia (Julia’s Journal ), and by Miri (Small Dolls Big Hearts ) thank you!!  So I will be doing all of them in this post, so its like three in one post.  So lets get on with it! Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award!!!!!”


Hi!  Sorry that I haven’t posted Maggie’s hotel trip yet, and that I haven’t been doing a lot of posts about my dolls lately. 😦  I have been doing so much other stuff lately!  Like going to the pool (A LOT) babysitting, pet sitting and some other summer jobs. 🙂  Which is good so that I can get some money for doll things.  I also wont we posting anything today because I’m going to a sleep over! 😀  So I will be trying to post more of my dolls and finish up the post of Maggie. 🙂  Well….  Post you later! 😛 Continue reading “Update!”

New Poll!

Hi!  I have another poll!  But this one is about what you think about my AG Doll Craft Camp!  Please only enter what you think, and not what you think others want you to say!  Thanks!

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Hi!  I’m doing a quick post on who I should have more of on my blog!

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