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A Christmas To Remember 🎄


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A Doll Christmas (A Photostory)

Hi, guys!  And merry late Christmas!!!!!  So, I’ll be doing a photostory of my dolls on Christmas.  I hope you will enjoy it!

P.S. Sorry if there are some writing mistakes, writing stories isn’t my favorite. 😉



It was Christmas eve and the dolls were finishing up their dinner.  “Kit are you almost done?” asked Gabby.  “Yes.”  “Okay good, because I’m dying to find out what I got!”  Continue reading “A Doll Christmas (A Photostory)”

Blog Questions

Behind The Scenes Look On My New Project….

Your probable wondering “What project”?  Well…  That’s what your for!  To tell me what you think I’m working on!  These are the pictures that I will show you, and you have to guess what I’m working on with my dolls.


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My Doll’s Family Photo

Hi, everyone!  I have been working on this for a while and now I finally got it done, and it’s my doll family photo!  You can print this out an give it to your dolls if you want.  Please note that this image is free, and you can size it how ever you want.  I hope you like it!

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Ag Dollhouse

My Dollhouse Tour!!! (Winter 2016)

Hi, everyone!!!!  I was working on a new dollhouse video this week, and I FINALLY got it done today!  Sorry if the video is a bit shaky and for the noise in the background (because of our furnace room).  Well anyways, I hope you enjoy the video!

(Sorry, I had to copy and paste it from YouTube.)

I hope you enjoyed this video!  Please leave me a comment on what you think of it, and what I should add (and for any DIY ideas that I should do too). 😉

Also, sorry if the video isn’t the best quality, I had to use my Mom’s phone to do it (because I don’ have one).

Thanks for watching!



Fall Craft Marathon

Fall Craft Marathon (Last Post) – Halloween Party!!!

Hi, guys!  As you may know Halloween was yesterday, so of course I set up a Halloween room for my dolls!  Enjoy!

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