Fall Craft Marathon

2 DIY Doll Halloween Costumes (No Sew)!!!!!!

Hi, everyone!  Sorry that I didn’t post anything for a while……  So to make it up to you I will be doing two posts today!!!  So this is going to be the first one.  Enjoy!

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Doll Camp (Day 34)

Today is Grace’s last day of doll camp.  Thank you Grace for the amazing crafts!  Here she is for the last time. ❤

This is the last craft that I have for ya’ll.😦

I will show you some hairstyles that you and your dolls can wear for school!

All you will need for this is a hairbrush and some hair ties.

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Doll Hair

DIY Flip-Tail (A Guest Post)

Hi!  Nancy Drew has sent me this awesome guest post!  Also this is my first guest post!!!!  I hope you like it! ❤
DIY Flip-Tail
I am Nancy Drew, the owner of Nancy Drew! Here is a fun and surprisingly easy hair-do for your doll-or yourself!
Step 1. Gather you doll’s hair into a ponytail
Step 2. Poke a pencil, or some other straight, thick object, into the middle of the doll’s hair
Step 3. Tie the doll’s hair into a loose ponytail
Step 4. Take the ‘tail’ and pull it up and through the hole right above the ponytail holder

Step 5. This should create a twisted appearance in the hair!

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