DIY Eggs


Hey!  It seems like I haven’t done a craft forever so I’ll do one today!  DIY eggs.  They are pretty easy to make and they are super cute!  Here’s how to make them. Continue reading “DIY Eggs”


Camp Crafters Day 17: Printable Slopers

Hi!  Welcome back to Camp Crafters!  Today, Chloe is going to show us how to make slopers!  Enjoy!
Hello! Welcome back to the second day of fashion!!! lol Ok today we have some things called slopers! They are an exact fit of a person and are how designers make patterns. They are really useful!!!

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DIY Doll Garden

Happy spring, everyone!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe it’s spring already!  Yeah!  So, to get into the spring mood I decided to make a doll garden!  It also turned out super cute too.  Well, if you want to make it, here’s how to! 😀

Supplies you’ll need for this craft:
– Foam
– Brown paint
– Fake flowers
– Hot glue (or normal glue will work too)
– Green pipe cleaners
– Popsicle sticks
– Paint brush
– And a scissor

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