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Camp Crafter Day 8: DIY Teddy Bear


Hi!  Today is Miri’s last C.C. post, so please tell her in the comments what your favorite crafts she has made!  So, enjoy!


Hello! Today we are going to be making a super easy teddy bear for your dolls! So let’s get started! The main thing you need for this craft is pom-poms! So grab your pom-poms!

DIY Bear1
Next, get a bunch of pom-poms in one colour. You want some smaller ones and some bigger ones, but all the same colour. (I actually used pink pom-poms, not red ones like shown below)

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Camp Crafters!

Camp Crafter Day 7: Art Set


Hi!  I’m so sorry for posting this late!  SO SORRY!  I have been SO busy lately…  Well, I’m back now, and I hope you will enjoy this post!


Today we are going to be making an art set for your doll! So let’s get started!  The supplies shown are basically all the things I used for this craft.​


I chose this box to store the art supplies. You can choose any box you like, but it has to be a good size for your doll. Continue reading “Camp Crafter Day 7: Art Set”

Camp Crafters!

Camp Crafters Day 5: Dollhouse Craft

Hi, guys!  Welcome back to Camp Crafters 2017!  This week is Miri’s turn, and her theme is doll toys!  Here is the link to her blog: Small Dolls Big Hearts .  So go check out her blog, and follow her! 😀  Enjoy!
Hello! Miri here for Camp Crafters! My theme for the week is Toys! Today I’ll be doing a cute little dollhouse so that your dolls too can have a dollhouse! So let’s get started!
First you’re going to get two small boxes. The size of them really depends on either what
you have or the size of the doll you want to use. Then you glue you two boxes together.
Then find the doll you want to live in the dollhouse. Choose a doll that fits really well!

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Camp Crafters!

Camp Crafters Day 2: Make A Perler Bead Bastille Day Necklace For Your Doll!


Hi, and welcome back to the second day of Camp Crafters!  Today, Jamie will be showing us how to make a perler bead bastille day necklace for your doll.  Enjoy!


Necklace Craft 1

“Hello, there! I’m Jamie, and today I’m gonna show y’all how to make a necklace just like the one I’m wearing here! It’s super easy, and you can even make a matching bracelet, if you want.”

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