News And A Bunch Of Updates!

Hey, everyone!  Welcome back to my blog.  First of all, I’m so sorry for not posting anything for a while. 😦  But while I wasn’t posting I was doing school, being outside and making updates on my blogs!  First I’ll be showing you guys the updates.


 I first updated the Want A Guest Post? page.  I also added a new image, here it is:

Want a guest post_

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DIY Doll Garden

Happy spring, everyone!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe it’s spring already!  Yeah!  So, to get into the spring mood I decided to make a doll garden!  It also turned out super cute too.  Well, if you want to make it, here’s how to! 😀

Supplies you’ll need for this craft:
– Foam
– Brown paint
– Fake flowers
– Hot glue (or normal glue will work too)
– Green pipe cleaners
– Popsicle sticks
– Paint brush
– And a scissor

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WE HAD A HUGE STORM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My Mom went outside to get something then in a split second a HUGE gust of wind came with HUGE branches with it!  It was CRAZY!!!!!!!  And there was lots of thunder and lightning and tiny pieces of hail!  I thought that a tornado would come!  And it didn’t even last for half an hour.  Even rain came into our basement!  I usually ❤ thunder storms but this one was scary!  My Mom even told us to go into the basement and turn off all the lights, because it was that bad!  If you don’t believe me these pictures will help you understand what I mean.


Prepare your self to be amazed!

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