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The Goodbye (AGSM Movie) By Madison!

Hi, guys!  Madi at Delightful World Of Dolls just made a brand new amazing AGSM!  I have watched it a few times, and I have never gotten bored from it.  It also has a super important message that every single person on this world should hear.  So go watch it, listen to the message, and go check out Madi’s blog! 😀  Also if you are wondering what happened to my AGSM that I was working on, it didn’t turn out.  So I won’t be posting it.  Sorry about that.  Well, post ya later.  Bye! 🙂 Continue reading “The Goodbye (AGSM Movie) By Madison!”


Doll Camp (Day 13)

Hi!  This is bennettv’s last post for doll camp. 😦  I just want to say that it has been AMAZING to have you here at camp!  Thank you. 🙂  Now for her last craft!


Hi guys! Today is our last day of hosting doll camp! We have been having so much fun! Thank you so much to KaitsAGCrafts for having us this week! It’s been a blast! 🙂


Today we are making discovery bottles for our dolls! These are really fun to make in real size, so we thought that it would be a fun craft for our dolls to get in on too!

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