Camp Crafters Day 12: How To Make A Harness


Hello, and welcome back to Camp Crafters!  Sorry that this post is a little late…  I was at a waterpark with Miri’s family yesterday (Small Dolls Big Hearts ), it was tons of fun!  Okay, now back to the post.

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Doll Camp (Day 34)

Today is Grace’s last day of doll camp.  Thank you Grace for the amazing crafts!  Here she is for the last time. ❤

This is the last craft that I have for ya’ll.😦

I will show you some hairstyles that you and your dolls can wear for school!

All you will need for this is a hairbrush and some hair ties.

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Doll Camp (Day 31)

Hey, everyone!  Grace sent me in some crafts for this weeks camp!  So thank you Grace!  So I hope you will enjoy her crafts!

Hi! I’m Grace from Grace’s World. I’m so excited to be here! My theme for this week is Back to School.

Now, what’s a better way to get your dolls ready for the school year than to make them some pencils?! Here is what you will need for this craft:

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