Doll Camp (Day 17)

Hi!  Today Light4theLord has sent part two of the pet awards!  But first I wanted to show you a new printable!!!!  I made these from Canva and I made one for Maggie’s pet store (that I am making), and I made an extra one for your doll pets (because there names aren’t all Maggie) 😛 !  […]

Doll Camp (Day 16)

Hey!  Light4theLord has sent a super cute craft to share with us today!  Here it is! ❤ Today and our next day at camp we’re going to be working on making pet show awards for a pet show! Today we’re going to make a bouquet and a certificate! You will need: fake flowers paper pen

Doll Camp (Day 15)

Hi!  Today we have another amazing craft from……  Light4theLord!  Also you can check out her blog here Dolls N’ All!  Here it is! ❤ And today we’re going to make a collar and leash for your AG pet! Remember, if you don’t have an AG pet, TY Beanie Babies and Lil’ Kinz make great ones!

Doll Camp (Day 14)

Hi!  Sorry that I haven’t posted anything for AG Doll Craft Camp for a while.  One of my campers quite on me last minute.  But Light4theLord said that she would take over this week!  Enjoy! Hi ya’ll! I’m Light4theLord and I’ll be hosting this week’s craft camp here at Kait’s AG Crafts! The theme is Purr-fect […]