Camp Crafters!

Camp Crafters Day 9: Smiles All Around – DIY Doll Emoji Party!


Hi!  This week Light4theLord will be taking over!  She will be doing a doll birthday party theme!  I can’t wait to show you guys what she has all made. 🙂  But first, here is the link to her amazing blog: Dolls N’ All .  Enjoy!



Hey there, and welcome to the first Dolls N’ All Day of DIYs! All of the dolls (and myself, Light4theLord) are very excited to show you what we’ve been working on! Today you’ll be seeing several tutorials on ideas for a doll emoji party – décor, activities, and a bonus snack! I’m ready! Are you? Well, let’s get started!
DIY # 1: The Essential Happy Birthday Banner
Seeing as how this is an emoji party, it’s all about everything being round and yellow.. right? Well, the very essential ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ banner is our first craft!

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Camp Crafters!

Camp Crafters Day 5: Dollhouse Craft

Hi, guys!  Welcome back to Camp Crafters 2017!  This week is Miri’s turn, and her theme is doll toys!  Here is the link to her blog: Small Dolls Big Hearts .  So go check out her blog, and follow her! 😀  Enjoy!
Hello! Miri here for Camp Crafters! My theme for the week is Toys! Today I’ll be doing a cute little dollhouse so that your dolls too can have a dollhouse! So let’s get started!
First you’re going to get two small boxes. The size of them really depends on either what
you have or the size of the doll you want to use. Then you glue you two boxes together.
Then find the doll you want to live in the dollhouse. Choose a doll that fits really well!

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Smile And Craft AG Is Having A Giveaway!

Hi, guys!  Smile and Craft AG is having a giveaway for her one year blogiversary!  She is giving away a doll apron that she sewed herself.  All of the info on how to enter and rules are on her blog.  So go and enter her giveaway!

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