Our Generation Pet Bunny Review


Hey guys!  Today I’m going to be reviewing the new Our Generation Pet Bunny set which you can get in Target! Continue reading “Our Generation Pet Bunny Review”


Camp Crafters Day 14: How To Make A Hot Air Balloon


Hi, and welcome back!  Today Lexie, will be showing us how to make a hot air balloon for your dolls.  Enjoy!


I’ve made hot air balloons before, but I thought it would be fun to try to make another one that actually looks good.

We had a little girl come over to my house for awhile, and she loved playing with the balloon, lifting it up and saying “Whooosh!”


Are you ready to get started?  Continue reading “Camp Crafters Day 14: How To Make A Hot Air Balloon”

Camp Crafter Day 7: Art Set


Hi!  I’m so sorry for posting this late!  SO SORRY!  I have been SO busy lately…  Well, I’m back now, and I hope you will enjoy this post!


Today we are going to be making an art set for your doll! So let’s get started!  The supplies shown are basically all the things I used for this craft.​


I chose this box to store the art supplies. You can choose any box you like, but it has to be a good size for your doll. Continue reading “Camp Crafter Day 7: Art Set”