Winter Sleigh Ride// Short Photo-shoot

The original sleigh


So yesterday me and my Dad fixed up my dolls sleigh!  I made it last year but I hot glued it all.  It didn’t last that long!  But now it’s fixed, thanks to my Dad, and ready to be in photo-shoots! 😀  I made a similar photo-shoot with Gabby and my sisters horse (the first picture) with the hot glue sleigh last year, but I never posted it.  So now I’ve taken new pictures of it with Gabby and my dolls horse, Puzzle.  And of course, Coconut wanted to join the fun.  I hope you like the pictures! Continue reading “Winter Sleigh Ride// Short Photo-shoot”


Gabby’s Spring Photoshoot


Spring.  Such a beautiful time of the year, as you can see in my photos! 😛  Just kidding!  Spring is a very messy time of year.  But today was a pretty nice day outside, so I decided to take some photos of Gabby in her new skirt that me and my aunt made.  I hope you will enjoy the post! Continue reading “Gabby’s Spring Photoshoot”


WE HAD A HUGE STORM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My Mom went outside to get something then in a split second a HUGE gust of wind came with HUGE branches with it!  It was CRAZY!!!!!!!  And there was lots of thunder and lightning and tiny pieces of hail!  I thought that a tornado would come!  And it didn’t even last for half an hour.  Even rain came into our basement!  I usually ❤ thunder storms but this one was scary!  My Mom even told us to go into the basement and turn off all the lights, because it was that bad!  If you don’t believe me these pictures will help you understand what I mean.


Prepare your self to be amazed!

Also none of this is photoshop! Continue reading “Storm!!!!!!”