Our Generation Pet Bunny Review


Hey guys!  Today I’m going to be reviewing the new Our Generation Pet Bunny set which you can get in Target! Continue reading “Our Generation Pet Bunny Review”

Doll Fashion

Retired American Girl Doll Clothes // Haul

Hi everyone!  So a few months ago I bought a ton of retired American Girl doll outfits for $30.00!  They were also in really good shape.  So today I’ll be showing you guys what I all got.  I’m also not doing this post to make anyone jealous.  Now let’s get on with the post!

(One of theses outfits I’m giving away!)





This is Julie’s Christmas Outfit !  It use to retail for $32.00.  This is probable my least favorite outfit I got out of them all. Continue reading “Retired American Girl Doll Clothes // Haul”


A Doll Christmas (A Photostory)

Hi, guys!  And merry late Christmas!!!!!  So, I’ll be doing a photostory of my dolls on Christmas.  I hope you will enjoy it!

P.S. Sorry if there are some writing mistakes, writing stories isn’t my favorite. 😉



It was Christmas eve and the dolls were finishing up their dinner.  “Kit are you almost done?” asked Gabby.  “Yes.”  “Okay good, because I’m dying to find out what I got!”  Continue reading “A Doll Christmas (A Photostory)”


OG Haul!

Hi!  Sorry that I kind of disappeared for a while! 🙂  Well….  I hope that I can make it up with a haul!  It’s a small haul but its still a haul!  Okay!  Let’s get started!


IMGP8586 Continue reading “OG Haul!”


GABBY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

GABBY!!!!!!!!!  I JUST GOT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!  I CAN’TSAY ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVE HER!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!  First I will show you her room!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD

IMGP8232 Continue reading “GABBY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D”

Maggie's Adventures!

Maggie’s Hotel Trip!


Hi!  Maggie again! Four days ago I went to a hotel!  I LOVE hotels!  But this trip was kind if scary!  You’ll see! 😛 Continue reading “Maggie’s Hotel Trip!”

Maggie's Adventures!

How To Pack Your Doll For A Hotel!


Hi!  Maggie here!  Mom is bringing me to a hotel today!  I can’t wait!  I have been to a hotel before, but I NEVER got to come out of the room.  But this time it will be different!  Mom will also be taking pictures of my at the hotel.  But first I will show you how to pack your mini person for a trip to a hotel! Continue reading “How To Pack Your Doll For A Hotel!”