Doll Camp (Day 29)

Hello, people of the internet! 😛 😄  Kaitlynrh1 here!  This is Gracie’s last craft day post. 😦  She has done super cute crafts what I think we all enjoyed!  So here it is! ❤ Today I have a how-to for no-sew pillows for you!  Sewing is optional. Enjoy!   You will need… Felt Hot glue […]

Doll Camp (Day 27)

Hello!  Gracie has sent in this adorable house hold plats craft!  I hope you LOVE ❤ it! 😛 😄 Hi again! Today I’m going to show you how to make polymer clay house plants! I’ll just cut to the chase. You will need… Various colors of polymer clay such as green, red, orange, purple, brown […]

Doll Camp (Day 26)

Hey!  Here is another craft from Gracie!  Here it is! ❤                                                                                                                                                                       ❤ Hi!  The craft for today is little easy-peasy picture frames! Their cute and quick!   You will need: Washi tape or some other colored/decorative tape Little doll sized pictures   Let’s go!

Doll Camp (Day 25)

Hi!  This week Gracie will be taking over AG Doll Craft Camp!  Her crafts will be house décor!  Enjoy! Hi everyone! I’m Gracie from . I’m excited to be hosting this week of doll camp! My theme is home décor. Thank you Kaitlynrh for this opportunity, and for organizing the camp! Aright, let’s get […]