Lucky, The Dolls Are Crazy Is Having A Giveaway!!!

Hey!  Lucky, the dolls are crazy!!! is having a giveaway!!!!  She will be giving away two doll sized light sabers, a poster, and some tape!!  Here’s the link to her giveaway: The Giveaway!  All the rules and everything are all on her blog, so go check it out! XD Continue reading “Lucky, The Dolls Are Crazy Is Having A Giveaway!!!”

Blog Award!

The Sunshine Blogger Award!!!!!


Hi, guys!!!!!  Sorry it has been SO long for me to post something….  I haven’t been feeling the best, I have also been busy with youth, school, and that sort of stuff.  So, on to the post, I have been nominated by Kiki (Kiki Through the Looking-Glass ) and Julia (Julia’s Journal ), and by Miri (Small Dolls Big Hearts ) thank you!!  So I will be doing all of them in this post, so its like three in one post.  So lets get on with it! Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award!!!!!”