Want A Guest Post?!


Hi!  Do you want to have a guest post on my blog?!  Well….  Now you can! You just to have to follow these few simple rules!

  • Your post must be original.  But once I have posted it on my blog, feel free to post it on you blog, by Rebloging it!
  • If you are using pictures in your guest post, please make sure that they aren’t from other websites! 😀
  • Please make sure that there are no words spelled wrong.
  • Please leave your blog link in the post, but if you don’t have a blog (but you can still do the guest post), but then you don’t have to put any link in! 😛
  • Please make sure that your post will fit our blog theme!  And please, PLEASE don’t use God’s name in vane in your post, and also please don’t use any crude language either.
  • Please give your post a title!
  • Sorry.  But if your post is not appropriate for our blog, we will email you why.  But that shouldn’t happen if you follow all these rules!

If you want to have a guest post, please leave me a comment down below!  Then I will email you about the guest post!  Then you can email the post to me, then I will tell you when I will put the post on my blog!

kaitlynrh1 😀

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